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The Rock Art on Paper Collection is a creative investigation of ancient images in modern media.

Our forebears are often thought of as creatures living on the edge of survival. Yet in their art, which dates as far back as 22,000 BC, we are reminded that creative expression is undeniably a part of the human condition. The re-creation of primitive art by studio cool is intended to remind viewers that it means more to be human than to simply survive. By re-creating the images on paper, this art—and this message—is made accessible to all.

Great care is taken to be faithful to the original, yet where time and the elements have disrupted the continuity of an image, some “interpolation” is exercised. Images attributed to contemporary cultures have been avoided by the artist, who is seeking, instead, to bring to our modern esthetics the sensitivity of archaic peoples.

The Hueco Tanks Pictograph Etching Series re-creates 30 painted rock art images found at Hueco Tanks State Historic Site, Texas. Pictographs at the park are thought to date from the Desert Archaic Period, four to six thousand years ago.

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