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The Hueco Tanks Pictograph

Etchings Series


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Over 1500 pictographs—painted rock art images—have been recorded at Hueco Tanks State Historical Park, Texas. For 10,000 years, the unusual rock formations and the water they hold have attracted many diverse cultures, from nomadic Paleoindians to the puebloan Jomada Mogollon (AD 600-1400), to historic tribes such as Mescalero Apache, Tigua, and Kiowa. Some left behind distinct traces of their culture on the rock. While the original meaning of their images may be obscure to modern visitors, the paintings are nonetheless a testament to the creative potential within all humans—then as today.

The Hueco Tanks Pictograph Etching Series comprises of etched reproductions of 23 mask pictographs, 2 anthropomorph (human-like) pictographs, and 3 zoomorph (animal) pictographs found at Hueco Tanks. View photographs of these prints at Three-inch Masks, Six-inch Masks, Nine-inch Masks, Large Masks (Quetzalcoatl, Farming, Hunting, Farming/Hunting), Anthropomorphs (Horned Dancer, Tlaloc), and Zoomorphs.

What is a Chine colle etching? An etching is an image that has been etched with acid into a metal plate. Chine colle refers to the method of pasting a second paper, usually colored, to the primary paper before it is printed. The Hueco Tanks pictograph etchings are first printed onto irregularly shaped handmade papers of a warm tone. This individual print is then pasted onto another handmade paper of contrasting color, then both are printed over a second time with cracks and textures. This two-color approach suggests the characteristic yellowed patina found on the rock at Hueco Tanks flaking off and revealing fresher gray rock underneath.

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